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This is my first public exploration of the business and art of podcasting. It started with too much booze with Kevin Roseand I expected it to die a quiet death after six episodes. That said, here are a few quick stats on The Tim Ferriss Show after episodes of mucking about, screwing up, and refining as of this writing:.

Why did you start the podcast? How has it evolved over episodes? I was burned out after The 4-Hour Chefwhich was nearly pages, and I wanted a casual but creative break from big projects. Since I enjoyed being interviewed by Joe RoganMarc MaronNerdistand other podcasting heavies who really move the needle, I decided to try long-form audio for fast and easy binary option millionaires twitter logout button wordpress episodes.

Worst-case scenario, the experience would help me improve my interviewing, which would help later book projects. He discusses this at length with me here. Here are the pieces, in descending order of importance:. E-mail will stick around for a while, despite attempts to kill it.

Though I use Slack fast and easy binary option millionaires twitter logout button wordpress internal team communication, email is still 1 for external. Even if Automattic goes out of business disclosure: Video and audio are fantastic, but few things travel as well as text. Unlike video and audio, I feel there is a fast and easy binary option millionaires twitter logout button wordpress appreciation of page value with solid long-form, evergreen text content.

The vast majority of my most popular posts are years old e. The best SEO is good, non-newsy content that remains relevant for years. Unlike the above two, audio can be a secondary activity. In other words, people can listen to my podcast when they commute, cook, walk the dog, work, etc. The majority of my finances come from early-stage startup investing, which I started in portfolio and stopped about six months ago.

Paradoxically, this seemingly lax approach appears to generate more revenue than if I focused on pushing product. Your network is your net-worth, and there are many ways to build it. Content is definitely one tool.

I want to convert casual listeners into die-hard, fervent listeners, and I want to convert casual sponsors into die-hard, fervent sponsors. This requires two things: If I hypothetically get 1M downloads per episode, I might only guarantee and charge for K downloads. This cost per thousand e. If you can hypothetically guaranteedownloads per episode, as measured at six weeks post-publication which seems standard for some odd reasonhere is how the math shakes out at different CPM rates:. To put these rates in context with other advertising, consider banner ads and email newsletters targeting high HHI household income demographics.

Premium podcasts currently fall in the middle. Any marginal short-term loss is made up for by repeat sponsors and larger, long-term purchase orders. Novice podcasters which I was and bloggers get too distracted in nascent stages with monetization. In the first months, you should be honing your craft and putting out increasingly better work.

To reiterate a phrase more often used for blogging: Decide on your larger framework and philosophy first. Example — In general and across the board, I split my content in a very binary fashion: I already mentioned one example: This came from the first book, blog, and social. That travels with me. I asked my Managing Editor to proofread this post, and he gave me the below comment. When you hear it the 4th time, are you tired of it?

There is no long-term revenue strategy. I focus solely on making it as fun as possible for me to do. But — perhaps this itself is a solid strategy, not a lack of one. Simple can be effective. For me, the moral of the story is this: If you can easily sell it to 10 friends and do some basic market research on top of that, the odds improve.

Just remember that, even in a golden age, podcasting is a squirrely opportunity and not a panacea on a silver platter. Even if you work smart, you still have to do the work and take your lumps.

My mantra for gear is borrowed from my podcast with Morgan Spurlock: For post-production and editing, I used Garageband for the first episodes, but I now outsource to people who use primarily Ableton and Hindenburg.

For free options, Audacity is also popular. My wish and ask for them: Is it too late to start a podcast? Everyone should try podcasting for at least episodes, even if just to get better at asking questions and eliminating verbal tics. Those gains transfer everywhere. If someone ends up better than me or ranking better than methey deserve to beat me. Bring your Fast and easy binary option millionaires twitter logout button wordpress game and the cream will rise to the top.

How much time do you put into the podcast? The objective is to control your time — a non-renewable resource — and apply it where you have the highest leverage or fast and easy binary option millionaires twitter logout button wordpress. I would pay a small fortune to do this. Instead, I somehow get paid. For the time invested, especially when batching e.

I try and record eps on Mondays and Fridays, two weeks a monthit has the most disproportionate hours-to-ROI imaginable. No two are quite alike. You had an unfair advantage. What can I do? Remember Amelia Boonethe most successful female obstacle racer in history?

No one owes you anything. So… gird your loins and fucking get amongst it. Prepare to bloody your knees and learn a lot. We all start out naked and afraid. Then your mom starts checking out your stuff, or perhaps a few friends give a mercy-listen, and the fragile snowball grows from there. Here are a few ugly first versions of popular blogs. Mine was incredibly un popular and hideous. Celebrities, YouTube icons, and bestselling authors start podcasts every week that get abandoned three weeks later.

This appears to help with iTunes ranking, which — like bestseller lists — can be self-propagating. The higher you rank, the more people see you, the higher you fast and easy binary option millionaires twitter logout button wordpress to rank, etc.

Most would-be blockbuster podcasters quit because they get overwhelmed with gear and editing. Much like Joe RoganI decided to record and publish entire conversations minimizing post-productionnot solely highlights. I also use a tremendously simple gear setup and favored Skype interviews for the first 20 or so interviews, as the process is easier to handle when you can look at questions and prep notes in Evernote or a notebook. As Tony Robbins would say: Audio engineers will never be fully satisfied with your audio, but I discussed this earlier.

Play the long game. This is a tip I got from podcasting veteran John Lee Dumas. Here is one example of minewhere the iTunes button is exceptionally clear. Maria Popova, Round Twodrunk dialing fans via Skypeaudiobook excerpts e. Tim Kreiderand more. Luckily, sometimes the opposite is true—the easy, low-labor stuff kills.

This experimentation also keeps things fun for me. Go nuts and let the world tell you what works. Borrow, be ridiculous on occasion, and be yourself. How about throwing chimpanzee screeches in the middle of an episode? Making weird Mogwai noises during the intros with no explanation whatsoever?

Recording last-minute guest bios in an airplane bathroom? In alphabetical order by first name and if I forgot anyone, please let me know! Specifically, w hat would you most like to know? Many of the world's most famous entrepreneurs, athletes, investors, poker players, and artists are part of the book.

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