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Here John Anthony why don't you answer some of your users like this guy who lost all his money trading with your last can't fail fantastic scam? The only work you do is to scam your subs into believing you can actually trade.

Sat Apr 7 Tokyo: January edited January in Complaints. I lost some in the JAX auto-trader myself. I found it very odd that he opened the doors to everyone on the binary option auto-trader when it wasn't working in the secret group. And now he's launching JAFX forex auto-trading system. January edited January Yeah guy is a douche to do that but he makes his money from scamming people not from trading He only seems to make money when you don't!

I have to say, it's remarkable how people follow this jerk despite his scam Binary Signals, despite him wiping out peoples Nadex accounts and charging them over bucks per month for it and now he has his new product and people are even willing to pay over a thousand pounds for the ''golden ticket'', yeah what could possibly go wrong This is absolutely ridiculous!

Also, in his statement he said he's in the process of setting up his own ''regulated'' ECN broker. I dont see how you would stand by a poor performing service makes no sense unless you like losing money. You are a marketer 1 so wtfever 2 you are paid by him as a marketer so again wtfever. I don't like liars and cheats. His statistics are bollocks as you would understand that term well.

Screen shot at It seems like we are getting a ton more people posting paid endorsements these days. Like the other guy you busted being the owner, and he still did not really see anything wrong with it. February edited February Just like last time with JAXsignals how quickly you forget lol Here is a picture of your future.

Shake N Bake baby! Dont they reset stats after a big loss? Well, I have tried JAS signals for binary options, I got it for free through signing up with his recommended broker, 24Option, I am certain that John Anthony gets commission from them on every loss is made.

I have followed his signals for a month and can confirm that not worth it at all. Started it with Euro and at the end, got out with just 98 Euro, i.

His signals are very hard to follow, you just have to be in front of a PC and must be very quick. The signals received on the mobile app is delayed by few seconds. At the end if you are losing then what is the point. I am sure, he will make the system to make losses, so that he can cash out your funds. How would you trust that his system is ECN? Sign In or Register to comment. Who's Online 1 1 Guest.

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