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Estimation sous contraintes de communication: One of the applications of his new field is remote estimation, where the sensors gather information and send it to some distant point where estimation is carried out. For overcoming the new design challenges brought by this approach constrained energy, bandwidth indicateur efficace option binaire english complexityquantization of the measurements can be considered.

Based on this context, we study the problem of estimation based on quantized measurements. We focus mainly on the scalar location parameter estimation problem, the parameter is considered to be either constant or varying according to a slow Wiener process model. We present estimation algorithms to solve this problem and, based on performance analysis, we show the importance of quantizer range adaptiveness for obtaining optimal performance. We propose a low complexity adaptive scheme that jointly estimates the parameter and updates the quantizer thresholds, achieving in this way asymptotically optimal performance.

With only 4 or 5 bits of resolution, the asymptotically optimal performance for uniform quantization is shown to be very close to the indicateur efficace option binaire english measurement estimation performance.

Finally, we propose a high resolution approach to obtain an approximation of the optimal nonuniform quantization thresholds for parameter estimation and also to obtain an analytical approximation of the estimation performance based on quantized measurements. Based on the proposed 3D design flow focusing on timing verification by leveraging the benefit of negligible delay of microbumps structure for vertical connections, we have conducted partitioning techniques for 3D NoC-based MPSoC architecture including homogeneous and heterogeneous stacking using Tezzaron 3D IC technlogy.

Design and implementation trade-off in both partitioning methods is investigated to have better insight about 3D architecture so that it can indicateur efficace option binaire english exploited for optimal performance.

The architectural explorations have also considered different process technologies highlighting the indicateur efficace option binaire english delay effect to the 3D architecture performance especially for interconnect-dominated design. Since there is no commercialize 3D design tool until now, the experiment is important on the basis that designing 3D architecture using 2D EDA tools does not have a strong and direct impact to the 3D architecture performance mainly because the tools is dedicated for 2D architecture design.

This thesis work focuses on mental fatigue and workload estimation. Its purpose is to provide efficient and realistic processing chains.

Thus, one issue was the modulation of workload markers as well as classification performance robustness depending on time-on-task TOT. The impact of workload and TOT on attentional state markers was also assessed.

For those purposes, an experimental protocol was implemented to collect the electroencephalographic EEGcardiac ECG and ocular EOG signals from healthy volunteers as they performed for a prolonged period of time a task that mixes working memory load and selective attention.

Efficient signal processing chains that include spatial filtering and classification steps were designed in order to better estimate these mental states. The relevance of several electrophysiological markers was compared, among which spontaneous EEG activity and event-related potentials ERPsas well as various preprocessing steps such as spatial filtering methods for ERPs.

Interaction effects between mental indicateur efficace option binaire english were brought to light. In particular, TOT negatively impacted mental workload estimation when using power features. However, the chain based on ERPs was robust to this effect. A comparison of the type of stimuli that can be used to elicit the ERPs revealed that task-independent probes still allow very high performance, which shows their relevance for real-life implementation.

Lastly, ongoing work that aims at assessing task-robust workload markers, as well as indicateur efficace option binaire english usefulness of auditory ERPs in a single-stimulus paradigm will be presented as prospects. Optimization of an X-ray diffraction imaging system for medical and security applications by Fanny Marticke 2 editions published in in English and held by 4 WorldCat member libraries worldwide Indicateur efficace option binaire english diffraction imaging is a powerful noninvasive technique to identify or characterize different materials.

Compared to traditional techniques using X-ray transmission, it allows to extract more material characteristic information, such as the Bragg peak positions for indicateur efficace option binaire english materials as well as the molecular form factor for amorphous materials. The potential of this technique has been recognized by many researchers and numerous applications such as luggage inspection, nondestructive testing, drug detection and biological tissue characterization have been proposed.

The method of energy dispersive X-ray diffraction EDXRD is particularly suited for this type of applications as it allows the use of a conventional X-ray tube, the acquisition of the whole spectrum at the same time and parallelized architectures to inspect an entire object in a reasonable time. The purpose of the present work is to optimize the whole material characterization chain. Optimization comprises two aspects: The last one concerns especially the correction of diffraction pattern degraded by acquisition process.

Reconstruction methods are proposed and validated on simulated and experimental spectra. System optimization is realized using figures of merit such as detective quantum efficiency DQEcontrast to noise ratio CNR and receiver operating characteristic ROC curves.

The first chosen application is XRD based breast imaging which aims to distinguish cancerous tissues from healthy tissues. A simulation study of the whole system and a breast phantom was realized to determine the required dose to detect a 4 mm carcinoma nodule. Indicateur efficace option binaire english second application concerns detection of illicit materials during security check.

The possible benefit of a multiplexed collimation system was examined. Through this thesis work, we show that oversampled multicarrier modulations provide a suitable transmission technique for such an environment.

However, the complexity of the transmitter-receiver remains a major obstacle for their adoption. After introducing the perfect reconstruction conditions, we develop low-complexity equalizers and we study the peak-to-average power ratio issue at the output of the transmitter. Finally, we evaluate the performances of these moduations over several mobile radio propagation scenarios. Such disturbance will happen during the cooling of thesuperconductive magnet, used in tokamak configuration.

A dynamical model of a cryogenic station, which indicateur efficace option binaire english a cooling capacity of W at4. The modelling is based on the theoretical equations of thermodynamics,thermal physics and hydraulics and takes into account the non linear properties of helium at lowtemperature. Based on this model, a new control strategy has been developed for each of the two parts ofthe refrigerator: Experimental results showsignificant improvement with multivariable controllers as compared with the PIDs in the presenceof high pulsed loads.

An observer of the thermal load of the helium bath has also been developed. The model isconstructed by identification using internal measures of the refrigerator. It indicateur efficace option binaire english be used as conditionmonitoring tool for operators.

The aim is to suggest a customized maintenance service offer for each vehicle and able to adapt to user constraints. In the transport industry, these constraints are defined by a limited number of maintenance opportunities and vehicle unplanned stops with significant financial consequences. This service offer should enable both to improve the vehicle uptime and to reduce the indicateur efficace option binaire english impact on operating costs.

In this framework, the developed maintenance policy ensures, with a given risk probability, maintenance free operating periods for a multi-component system. During these periods, the system should be able to carry out all its assigned missions without maintenance actions and system fault.

And the end of each period, the considered policy evaluates if indicateur efficace option binaire english maintenance action is required to ensure maintenance-free and fault-free operation on the next period with a specified confidence level. When a maintenance action is mandatory, decision criteria considering the maintenance costs and the maintenance efficiency are used to select the operations to be performed.

This form of dynamic clustering, called time-driven clustering, integrates both the component reliability models, the system structure and the available monitoring information. In our case, the monitoring information refers to the component state information and information on the component operating conditions.

The process flexibility makes possible to make a maintenance decision in using different information levels for system components. Indicateur efficace option binaire english policy parameters, namely the period length and the confidence level value, are optimized based on the total maintenance cost.

This cost, evaluated on a finite horizon, is composed of directs costs related to maintenance operations and indirect costs generated by system immobilizations. In order to reach a significant operating costs reduction, the maintenance policy optimization alone is not sufficient. It is essential to have a broader approach to involve the system and its maintenance since the conception. In this context, the developed design methodology suggests to prioritize the components impact on the operating costs.

This prioritization is performed thanks to a defined importance factor. Then, multiple design options are evaluated by simulation in priority component. The selected options lead to reduce the operating costs.

This work contains simulation results that illustrate the methods mentioned above. Moreover, a heavy vehicle sub-system is used as a indicateur efficace option binaire english. This thesis is focused on the modeling of a detailed description of the 0D combustion process and the estimation of the enclosed mass in the combustion chamber for a Spark Ignited SI engine.

The main developments indicateur efficace option binaire english summarized as follows: Many 0D thermodynamical Engine models mostly focus on the laminar characteristics of such a free developing ame, but they lack of a suitable approximation of the indicateur efficace option binaire english when the ame reaches the cylinder walls.

In this thesis, a flame-wall interaction model is proposed as a complement of a 0D two zones thermodynamical model. In this thesis, two nonlinear observers are synthesized for the enclosed mass estimation: Indicateur efficace option binaire english, an input state linearization of a common rail model is performed, in order to overcome the strong nonlinearities and build a virtual linear model. Using the virtual model, two linear control strategies are implemented to regulate the common rail pressure: This physical quantity has been found to be related to several phenomena in the plasma, in particular magnetohydrodynamic MHD instabilities.

Having an adequate safety factor profile is particularly important to achieve advanced tokamak operation, providing high confinement and MHD stability. To achieve this, we focus in controlling the gradient of the poloidal magnetic flux profile. The evolution of this variable is given by a diffusion equation with distributed time-varying coefficients. Based on Lyapunov techniques and the Input-to-State stability properties of the system we propose a robust control law that takes into account nonlinear constraints on the control action imposed by the physical actuators.

In the WOA Watermarked contents Only Attack framework, an adversary owns several marked contents and try to estimate the secret key used for embedding in order to have access to the hidden messages. We present a new mean for spread-spectrum watermarking based on circular distributions in the private watermarking subspace. Thanks to this technique, we are able to minimise the distortion on expectation caused by the watermark in the WOA framework using the Hungarian optimisation method and the transportation theory.

Then, we show that secure watermarking can be used in practical works with the example of still image watermarking. In the second part, we are interested about the problem of active fingerprinting which allows to trace re-distributors of illegal copies of a numerical content. The codes we use here are the ones proposed by Gabor Tardos. These codes are resistant against collusion attacks e. Since watermarking techniques allow the embedding of these codes in numerical contents, a new worst case attack taking into account the security level of the watermarking system is proposed to reduce the accusation rate of the coalition.

We show that secure watermarking is more efficient that insecure one with similar indicateur efficace option binaire english for fingerprinting application. Finally, traitor tracing codes are implemented on video sequences indicateur efficace option binaire english using spread-spectrum techniques in order to demonstrate that the accusation of adversaries is practically possible. A set of techniques based on the use of trains of pastmeasurements saved on a sliding window was developed.

First, the measurements areused to generate a family of graphical signatures, which is a classification tool, in orderto discriminate between different values of variables to be estimated for a given nonlinearsystem.

This technique was applied to solve two problems: Besides these two applications, receding horizon inversion techniquesdedicated to the fault diagnosis problem of a wind turbine proposed as an internationalbenchmark were developed.

These techniques are based on the minimization of quadraticcriteria based on knowledge-based models. Elle s'appuie sur les informations de micro-texture contenues dans une ellipse horizontale. Ensuite, le descripteur EPOEM est construit afin de tenir compte des informations d'orientation des contours.

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