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Unit 3- Bonding and Chemical Nomenclature. Vocabulary Terms to Know: Ionic, Metallic and Covalent Bonds. Identifying ions from periodic table and binary ionic compounds.

Quiz on binary compounds- Know all ions from front of Ion list. Naming and writing polyatomic ions. Naming and writing ions- Know all ions from both sides of Ion list. Naming and writing ternary compounds.

Naming and writing ternary compounds- Know all ions. Notes on Acids and molecular compounds. Lab- Household Chemistry- Acids, bases and salts. Review sheets and review problems for test. Test on Chemical bonding and nomenclature. Use the following websites for additional review problems: Matter and Conversions Unit 1: Matter and Conversions Unit 1 Powerpoint Unit 2: Atomic Structure Unit 2: Atomic Structure Unit 2 Powerpoint Unit 3: Bonding and Nomenclature Unit 3: Bonding and Nomenclature Unit 3 Powerpoint Unit 4: Stoichiometry and Solution Chemistry Unit 5: Gas Laws Unit 6: Balancing Equations and Moles Unit 4: Analyzing Formulas and Stoichiometry Unit 5: Solution Chemistry Unit 6: Solution Chemistry Solution Powerpoint Unit 7: Gas Laws Review worksheet binary and ternary ionic compounds 7: What is Science and Measurement Unit 1: Matter and Change Unit 4: Matter and Change Unit 4 Powerpoint Unit 5: Atomic Structure Unit 5: Atomic Structure Unit 5 Powerpoint Unit 6: Electrons and Bonding Unit 6: Electrons and Bonding Unit 6 Powerpoint Unit 7: Chemical formulas Unit 7: Chemical formulas Unit 7 Powerpoint Unit 8: Chemical equations and Energy Unit review worksheet binary and ternary ionic compounds Ionic, Metallic and Covalent Bonds Homework: Naming and writing polyatomic ions Homework: Naming and writing ternary compounds Homework: Review worksheet binary and ternary ionic compounds and writing ternary compounds- Know all ions 9.

Notes on Acids and molecular compounds Homework: Lab- Household Chemistry- Acids, bases and salts Test on Chemical bonding and nomenclature Use the following websites for additional review problems:

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Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials. Are you getting the free resources, updates, and special offers we send out every week in our teacher newsletter? Main Categories Grade Level. Cart is empty Total: View Wish List View Cart. Log In Join Us. Keyword binary ionic compounds. Social Studies - History. For All Subject Areas. See All Resource Types. The following Powerpoint looks at the 5 Step Cross over rule when writing chemical formulas for Binary Ionic Compounds.

We also look at the reverse Cross Over rule for naming which will come in handy when looking at the Transition metals. Check out my videos on iTunes by searching "Papapodcasts". Writing and Naming Binary Ionic Compounds. This is a good review and practice after introducing the rules for writing and naming binary ionic compounds. Students have the opportunity to use oxidation numbers to construct correct formulas, and to use the rules of nomenclature for naming, including using Roman numerals for transition and post.

Chemistry , Physical Science. Are you looking for a fun way to have your students review predicting formulas for binary ionic compounds? Your students will LOVE this activity!

The object is to get 5 correct answers in a row vertically, diago. Activities , Fun Stuff , Games. Science With Mrs Lau. This chemistry homework page is perfect for students to practice drawing electron dot diagrams or Lewis structures for simple ionic compounds. Students are asked to use different colored pencils to show where the electrons came from.

This is great for all levels of learners. Science , Chemistry , Physical Science. Worksheets , Homework , Printables. Science from the South. Use this resource for teaching supplement and notes over writing chemical formulas for binary ionic compounds. More interactive and fun than a traditional notes.

Differentiated versions are included. Check out the preview for a complete view of the download. Fun Stuff , Printables , Graphic Organizers.

Naming Binary Ionic Compounds - Puzzle. Mrs H's Educational Creations. A nice way to change up naming chemical compounds. Try this puzzle with binary ionic compounds. This puzzle has 3 different cations, and 6 different anions gaining 18 different compounds. One page has the solution print out, and the other two pages are the larger puzzles pieces to be cut out for you. Chemistry , General Science , Physical Science.

Worksheets , Activities , Printables. Naming Binary Ionic Compounds Problems. Mr Fry's Physical Science. Challenge your students with naming the 14 ionic compounds in this worksheet designed to help develop and reinforce the skill post-instruction. You might also like: Worksheets , Handouts , Homework. Formulas for Binary Ionic Compounds Practice. Directions include common charges for elements in groups as well as an explanation that transition metals are named in compounds with their roman numeral being equal to their ionic char.

Videos matching "binary ionic compounds" BETA Tired of repeating yourself for the 1,th time? Are many of your students working at different paces? Need a remediation plan? Naming Ionic Compounds Sub Plans or HW: Naming binary ionic compounds. John Toaster's Science for Teen's. Quick and easy sub plans just model a few examples the day before you leave.

Lesson Plans Individual , Homework. Ionic Bonding and Ionic Compounds: The product includes student notes and interactive graphic organizers IGOs for ionic bonding. Printables , Graphic Organizers , Interactive Notebooks.

Looking for differentiated activities to introduce, or review, Ionic Bonding, and Ionic Compounds? Check out the Student Learning Stations covering this topic! Stations are a great way to get your students up and moving around the room; while differentiating to meet the needs of the various learne.

Activities , Cooperative Learning , Science Centers. Looking for an interactive review over naming and writing formulas? Check out these puzzles! There are two different versions with multiple sizes for individual use, or small and large group collaborations! Both puzzles cover the following: Worksheets , Activities , Games. Are you teaching how to name and write the formulas for compounds?

This is a review tarsia puzzle for naming compounds and writing formulas. Fun Stuff , Printables , Games. Everything you need for a successful Nomenclature Unit! Four complete lessons, graphic organizers, homework, polyatomic and monatomic ion lists, teacher and student notes, check for understanding exit tickets, a lab, task cards, color-by-number, puzzle, The Great Nomenclature Race, extra practice,. This Naming Compounds Spinner is a sure-fire way to help your students with chemical nomenclature!

The top layer asks the students 3 questions to help them identify which type of compound they are trying to. Study Guides , Activities , Graphic Organizers. Are you teaching how to name compounds? This bundle has it all and at a great price! This is part of my cost-saving, amazing Chemistry Bundle! Ionic Compound Practice Activity.

I Heart Teaching Science. This ionic compound scavenger hunt is an easy, no prep print and go! Students will solve the problem at one station, then go on a hunt to find their answer at another station. If the student has com. Science , Chemistry , General Science. Activities , Printables , Science Centers. Practice naming and writing formulas for ionic compounds with this resource!

This resource contains 2 worksheets with 12 problems each - a total of 24 practice problems, with answer keys! Plus a blank worksheet for you to create your own reviews!

This resources covers naming and writing formulas f. Examinations - Quizzes , Worksheets , Assessment. This chart includes practice for writing ionic compounds formulas and their names.

It includes practice with the stock system also. The examples given in this chart are limited to binary ionic compounds. Polyatomic ions are introduced after this thorough review. Cations and Ions for the formatio. Nomenclature Workbook, Naming Chemicals Worksheets.