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But you have to establish the context first, because it is the price action context which determines which strategies you should tradeand which ones to avoid. There are certain types of trends where you should use specific strategies, but other types of trends where you need to avoid those trading strategies. Once you have isolated the price action context which we do via 3 pillars — something we teach in our price action courseonly then can you determine which trading strategies to use.

Then you can find simple forex strategy profitable entry and exit conditions, including your stop loss, take simple forex strategy profitable and trade location or entry location. I'm a verified profitable trader and trading mentor. I help traders of all levels change the way they think, trade and perform. As a professional trader, I specialize in trading price action and the Ichimoku cloud.

As a trading mentor, I have simple forex strategy profitable goal: Want to improve your trading edge and mindset? Check out my trading courses here. Thanks for the video. I believed on the strategy of not waiting for the confirmation candle stick. I simply trade the level, based on the price action context. Hi Chris, this is a very inspiring trade setup. When analyzing the price action context just before you decide simple forex strategy profitable the exact entry, do you always look into the historical data to help you identify similar kind of pull-back pattern?

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One of the most important aspects of a trading strategy is having an understanding of the indicators used. Using no more than two indicators on the same chart is also recommended. The average directional index ADX is also known as the average directional movement index.

This is one of the common standard indicators on many trading and charting platforms. Categorized as an oscillator, the ADX is a trend strength indicator.

Thus, unlike most other oscillators that measure volatility or momentum, the ADX indicator accounts for when the trend is rising or falling. The ADX can be used in a number of ways, the most obvious of which is trend following. A trend following strategy, as you might know, is one of the easiest ways to trade. Entering into a trend that is just beginning to strengthen also gives traders the advantage of quickly capturing profits. This occurs because, when the trend strengthens, the pullbacks are minimal, thus ensuring that, with the right take profit levels, day traders can capitalize on such price movements.

The average directional index belongs to the class of oscillator. Thus, the indicator is found in the sub-window. The ADX indicator consists of three components. The first is the ADX line. This line is used to signal the strengthening and weakening of the trend. The ADX line oscillates around the level of When the ADX line rises above 25, the strength is said be strong, and when the ADX line is below 25, the trend is said to be weakening. Note an ADX above 25 in a bearish trend suggests a strong bearish trend, and an ADX above 25 in a bullish trend suggests a strong bullish trend.

These lines visually depict the bullish and bearish trends. The ADX indicator tells you when the trend is bullish or bearish and if this trend is strong based on the ADX value at or above 25 or will weaken.

The trading rules with the ADX indicator are very simple. The first step is to use this indicator on the H1 chart because our trading strategy focuses on intraday trading only. Once this is done, you can plot yesterday's high and low levels.

When this is breached, look to the ADX indicator to determine your trend. This indicates the trend is turning bullish. Stops can be set to the most recent pivot low, and the take profit level can be set to 1: For short positions, first start by plotting the previous high and low.

Then, look to the ADX indicator. This suggests a bearish trend in price action. Finally, the ADX line is clearly above the 25 level, suggesting the bearish trend is strong.

As a result, short positions are taken here. The stops are placed at the recent pivot high. The targets can be set to 1: Many traders falsely believe that the more indicators they use, the more robust their trading strategy will be. However, contrary to this opinion, you must know what the indicators are signalling. If you just add more indicators on the chart, and hope for the Holy Grail strategy, soon you will be lost.

The ADX-based trading strategy is a simple intraday system, it is ideally used by day traders. The ADX-based trading strategy, as a result, can be used effectively and can be applied to any currency pair. With the stops relatively tight and the profits usually higher than the risks, the strategy could be profitable in the long term. Skip to main content. To profit on the forex market, you need to build a simple and effective strategy. Trading strategy using the Average Directional Index The average directional index belongs to the class of oscillator.

The next step is to look for the ADX indicator rising above the 25 level. Short position For short positions, first start by plotting the previous high and low. Comments by traders Many traders falsely believe that the more indicators they use, the more robust their trading strategy will be.