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Cystic Nightmare are one of the newest bands to join the Identical Records roster. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to interview the singers of the band, Cee what the binary promoters arent telling you Lara. Although this is their first band, they have a long history of creative pursuits.

Cee is a writer and performance artist, whilst Lara is a visual artist and local queer radio contributor. Both identify as queer and non-binary. Cee and Lara are also backing singers for Glovv together with superstar Bianca Cornale. Words cannot describe how highly we adore Cee and Lara. They are incredible individuals and we are certain their voices will resonate what the binary promoters arent telling you many others within the underground music scene and queer community.

Initially it was a pipe dream we both had — we kinda joked about what kind of band we would start, and what our songs would be like.

The band went through a couple of iterations before we found one that stuck. At first it was going to be a really synth-heavy, abstract art-pop band, but then the person who knew how to use a synth dropped out. Then we went to see a Stationary Suns gig and I was talking to Mai after they played and they said they would jam with us, which was very surprising, then Lei offered to play drums and we starting making songs that we really liked.

Lara and I go on lots of gig dates and we know so many goddamn talented queer musicians, so that has been inspiring, or I would say made things feel more possible.

Seeing too many shitty bro punk bands. Also seeing a ton of great femme punk bands, most of whom were super encouraging about starting a band. You were a couple long before starting Cystic Nightmare. Do you think this trust and familiarity helps when playing music together? Plus we have two other band-members to collaborate with!

I think it makes it much easier to tell each other when we mess something up. Which is nice, but it makes for an odd writing dynamic. Nobody know anything about us yet! She was having pains in them for weeks when we were in high school and had to go to the doctor.

I thought it was a great turn of phrase. You have some interesting song titles e. In terms of writing lyrics, what inspires you both? We write about all kinds of things, but mental illness is a topic that comes up pretty frequently, like in Bitterness Baby, since we both have mental illnesses.

We also sometimes just write about stuff that happens to us. Tetanus Shot is about a date we went on or really a couple of dates that involved breaking into or on top of construction sites or abandoned warehouses. We like to write about being gross dropkicks. You need to have a sense of humour about stuff like that.

Ooooh boy I have lots of feels about this. Book more bands with members who are POC, trans, queers, ppl with disabilities and genuinely make sure the venue is accessible. Pay us if you can, or show us that you have the intention of being able to do so if you run an ongoing event. Centralise the feedback we give you, and take it seriously.

Have accessible spaces for people with disabilities. Create safe places and what the binary promoters arent telling you efforts to self-police them.

This sounds maybe too obvious? Just find cool people who you think you could work well with and DO IT. Glovv and Stationary Suns, obviously, Ouch! Recordings to come soon!!! However, Cee and Lara asked for their name to be removed.

Cee, Lara and Identical Records believe and fully support victims of any form what the binary promoters arent telling you abuse. Identical Records is based in Naarm Melbourne Australia on the stolen lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation. We pay our respects to elders past and present, and acknowledge that sovereignty has never been ceded. May 12, What the binary promoters arent telling you ArticlesInterviews Comments: Tell us a little about Cystic Nightmare. How did the band start?

What inspired you to start playing in a band? How did you come up with the name Cystic Nightmare? What can people to do improve the inclusivity of the Melbourne music scene? Do you have any advice for those wanting to start a band?

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